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Artichoke Leaves

We have new crop Artichoke Leaves of premium quality. We are able to offer and export Artichoke Leaves in different forms

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Artichoke Leaves

The Artichoke Leaves exporter is hardy on dry soils in winters of only average severity. But on moist soils - so favourable to fine heads - a severe winter will kill the plantations unless they have some kind of protection. This is usually ensured by cutting down the stems and large leaves without touching the smaller central leaves, and when severe frost threatens,

Globe artichokes are perennial plants related to the thistle. artichoke leaves supplier They are native to Europe and the Mediterranean. An extract from their leaves is available in the form of a nutritional supplement which is believed to have a number of medicinal benefits.Consult your physician if you are considering taking an artichoke leaf extract supplement.

According to Science Daily, artichoke leaves supplier Dr. Rafe Bundy and his team of researchers at the University of Reading, UK, have discovered that artichoke leaf extract can help to lower cholesterol levels in patients with slightly elevated cholesterol that were otherwise healthy. The extract is rich in flavonoids, which can help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic digestive disorder,artichoke leaves exporter which causes stomach pain, constipation, bloating, gas, loss of appetite, emotional distress and depression. According to R. Bundy et al., in a study published in the August 2004, edition of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, artichoke leaf extract can improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

According to The University of Michigan Health System, artichoke leaves supplier can reduce the symptoms of mild indigestion after eating. It works by stimulating the production of bile, which in turn decreases the transit time of food in the digestive system, thus reducing bloating and gas.

The liver is the most complex of the body's organs, artichoke leaves supplier it is important for maintaining a healthy immune system. When toxins build up in the live it is unable to function adequately. According to Natural Detox, signs that the liver needs cleansing include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, PMS, skin irritation, dry mouth and sluggish digestion. Because artichoke leaf extract stimulates bile production, this benefits the liver by helping it eliminate toxins.

to partially earth up the rows with soil taken from between, also adding dry, light litter loosely thrown over; the latter is removed in the spring and the earth dug back, and a liberal supply of manure dug in. artichoke leaves exporter At the end of five years a plantation is worn out; the best method being to sow a bed annually and allow it to stand for two years.

The flower-stems grow erect and attain the height of 4 to 6 feet. They are each terminated by a large globular head of imbricated oval spiny scales of a purplish-green colour. These envelop a mass of flowers in the centre. artichoke leaves supplier and exporter These flowerheads in an immature state contain the parts that are eatable, which comprise the fleshy receptacle usually called the 'bottom,' freed from the bristles and seed-down, commonly called the 'choke,' and the thick lower part of the imbricated scales or leaves of the involucre.

As a crop, it presents uncertainty, being diminished by drought, its natural habitat being on moist heaths and commons by the sides of pools. It is easily grown from seed and succeeds best in loamy soil, artichoke leaves exporter in a moist situation, but propagation is commonly by division of old roots in autumn or spring, March or April, like Spearmint, or more rarely by cuttings. The roots may be divided up in September where the winters are mild, in April where the winters are frosty.

In planting, allow a space of 12 inches between the rows and 6 inches between the plants in the row. Water shortly afterwards should the weather be at all dry. When a good stock artichoke leaves supplier exporter of healthy roots has been obtained, Pennyroyal may be forced with advantage. The creeping underground roots grow in horizontal masses, as with the other mints and if some of these are taken up at any time during the winter and laid out on a bed of good soil, covering them with 2 or 3 inches of the same, they will soon push up fresh shoots in quantity. They can be put in boxes in a moderately warm house or pit.

If all the tops are not wanted they may be made into cuttings, artichoke leaves supplier each with four or five joints, and, inserted in boxes of light, sandy soil, will soon form roots in the same temperature, and after being duly hardened off, may be planted out in the open, in due course, and a healthy, vigorous stock thus be maintained. Towards the close of autumn all the stalks that remain should be cut down to the ground and the bed covered with fresh soil to the depth of 1 inch.