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Basil leaves Ocimum Basilicum

We have new crop Basil leaves Ocimum Basilicum of premium quality. We are able to offer and export Basil Ocimum Basilicum in different forms

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Basil leaves  Ocimum Basilicum
Many benefits can be obtained from the basil leaves, especially for men’s health. Herbaceous plant that grows in the yard around the house with bush leaves is fragrant & tasty it’s called Basil.

In Indonesia, the basil leaves exporter are many widely known, but what are the benefits of basil maybe not many people know. Basil plants turned out very many benefits of which could basil oil to cope with indigestion, vomiting, intestinal infections, stomach ulcers, and gas in the intestine.

Basil herbaceous plant can also be useful to prevent or reduce the interference in the head, basil leaves supplier exportersuch as ear pain, fever, migraines and neurological disorders such as anxiety, depression, hysteria, nervous weakness, and insomnia.

Especially for men, basil leaves is very beneficial. basil leaves supplier For men usefulness basil leaves large enough, that is compounds 1-8 Sineol in basil leaves, can overcome a lot of premature ejaculation disorder experienced by most men, so that when the habit eating basil leaf then libido and sex durability will to increase. Apigenin fenkhona and Eugenol can facilitate erection. While arginine substances contained in the basil leaves can strengthen the vitality of the sperm and prevent infertility.

While for women, basil is a healthy food that is very useful, basil leaves supplier and exporter because basil is rich and boron anetol substances that stimulate the hormone estrogen, whereas eugenol compounds can kill the fungi that cause vaginal discharge. Stigmaasterol substances in basil stimulate egg maturation and Zing tannins reduce the secretion of vaginal fluid. Substances of tryptophan could delay menopasue.

asil leaves (aka. tulsi) is a herb that belongs to the species of small mint plant. The basil leaves supplier exporter contains several tiny oil glands with aromatic properties. Today, there are many basil leaves benefits known to mankind; and they are not only used for the aromatic purposes, but also for its great medicinal values which could treat numerous illness and diseases.
Besides that, basil leaves also have some rather significant anti-oxidant properties that could help fight off free radicals that could damage cells leading to various illnesses and diseases. Also, the use of basil leaves have also been known to help strengthen the body’s immune system.

Basil Leaves is often known for its natural cure for the illnesses of the repiratory system. basil leaves supplier and exporter It could safeguard the entire respiratory tract by preserving its health right from the nasal and throat, and deep into the lungs.
People suffering from sinus and fever due to cold could get great relief by consuming basil leaves. In fact, basil leaves are widely used as a key ingredient in many cough medications especially in cough syrups.
In addition to treating cold related health problems such as cough, flu, congestion and even asthma, basil leaves can even be used to treat other illnesses such as stomach pain, stomach worms as well as cramps.