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Sage leaves
( Salvia Officinalis )

We have new crop Sage leaves ( Salvia Officinalis ) of premium quality. We are able to offer and export in different forms

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Sage Salvia Officinalis
he concentrated decoction or cold infusion without sage leaves supplier and exporter lemon and sugar used as lotion to heal skin abrasions and ulcers. This lotion is a good natural hair coloring agent when used over the scalp like henna. It could be used along with other herbs like henna for coloring hair and for dandruff. Its internal use is also recommended in graying of hair.

The fresh leaves or the tender branches is used as tooth brush as margossa tree is used very commonly sage leaves supplier exporter in Rural India as herbal toothbrush cum paste. It strengthens the gums and cleans the oral cavity and teeth. Herbal toothpowders contain this herb.

Dipping a cloth in its hot tea works like a compress. It can be applied to forehead to relieve tension headache. A compress applied to abdominal areas can help in cramps, flatulence and general intestinal and digestive discomfort. Sprains also respond to this compress. This hot compress can be used in itching and swelling after insect bites.

For the purpose of fomentation or poultice, the bags of its powder are used.The oil is used preparations for joints pain creams or liniments.The leaves are burned and the fume is used to cleanse the home or some building premises for negative energies. sage leaves supplier This might seem ridiculous but this concept is also found in Ayurveda. Regularly doing so really creates a powerful aura field of Pranic energy that keeps away negative energy and the microbes.

This property can be used to increase the Vastu energy or Feng Sui energy of the home. Pranic Healing Foundation of Philippines is working to prove such seemingly metaphysical workings.Sage and cedar bundles can be purchased from some health stores for the purpose of fumigation.

Though Salvia officinalis is not mentioned in Ayurveda. It is offering the great example how we can use the natural properties of herbs holistically. Plus how the same herb can act in seemingly opposite conditions.

The warm or hot decoction or infusion acts as a diaphoretic herb. sage leaves exporter The hot infusion promotes the expulsion of wastes from the body like increased sweating or perspiration and facilitating menstrual bleeding. The hot infusion would be effective in Cold, Flu, Cough and viscid respiratory (bronchial) secretions. It will help in expectoration, sweating and excretion of toxins from the body.

The cold infusion acts in opposite manner as an astringent. It will stop the diarrhea,sage leaves supplier and exporter decrease the sweating and acts a refrigerant or coolant.United States Pharmacopoeia has listed this herb. Its infusion is used as a gargle in sore throat and mouth ulcers. Relaxed throat, tonsils and ulcerated throat are relieved by its gargle. The astringent quality benefit the loose gums, bleeding gums and excessive salivation from mouth.

There is another version of stimulating gargle for throat conditions that uses both vinegar and water for preparing infusion.